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Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer
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Product: Views:239Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer 
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Last updated: 2018-12-02 16:58

● Main Structure

This machine has a structure of horizontal shell, double spindles and several paddles. The mixer body is w-shaped and has a spraying and liquid-adding device on the top where materials are feed. After mixing, materials are discharged from the bottom.


Rotor consists of paddles, shaft and supporting bar. The motor drives rotor to turn in a definite speed through reducer and chain. The paddles installed on the dual shaft in a definite angle cast the materials to whole spaces in the container. In the condition of instantaneous weightless, materials cross widely to from a flowing layer for mixing, meanwhile, materials are driven by paddles to turn axially and radically, thus forming a full-position compound circulation.



The machine body is w-shaped. Each of the two ends of machine body has inside and outside wall plate, between which the space is interlinked to the whole machine body. While feeding and discharging, air exhausted by materials can circulate in this space so as not to flow over the machine body.



The discharging door consists of door body, supporting arm and adjusting nut. Seals are installed around the discharging door frame. When the door is closed tightly, the sides of discharging door stick closely to the rubber seal stripe of seal so that materials in the machine won’t leak. The damaged seal stripe can be replaced. If necessary, the position of adjusting nut can be adjusted to change the distance between supporting arm and door body so that discharging door is on level with round curve surface of the machine shell bottom. The supporting arm is installed on the coupling spindle.



The discharging control mechanism consists of cylinder connecting rod mechanism, coupling spindle and limit switch. The discharging door is installed on the coupling spindle, the latter is connected to the driven rock rod of connecting rod mechanism, and cylinder head articulates the driving rock rod. Cylinder moves reciprocally and drives the coupling spindle to turn through connecting rod, thus driving the discharging door to open or close.



The liquid-adding pipe is installed on the top of machine body and consists  of pipe and spray nozzle. Liquid is sprayed in the shape of fan through the spray nozzle. The machine body is distributed evenly with several spray head. The entrance end of pipe is equipped with a flange which is connected to the        oil-supplying system.

● Working Principle

This machine consists of two rotors opposite in rotary direction to which several paddles with special angle are welded. Paddles, on one hand, driver materials to rotate counter-clockwise along the inside wall of machine groove, on the other hand drive materials to turn left and right. A weightless zone is formed in the cross and overlapping place of two rotors. Despite of shape, size and density of materials, materials can float up and is in a condition of instantaneous weightlessness within this zone. From then on, materials turn continuously and circularly, and shear mutually and crossly within the machine groove, thus reaching a quick gentle and even mixing effect.

● Wide Application

Mix material : premix, additive, feed etc..

●  Stable And Efficient

Low speed and gentle mixing

High homogeneity (CV≤3~5%) with short dry mixing time (60~90s) and discharging time.

● Hygienic Design

Full-open discharging doors for minimum residue and W-shaped trough plus unique air-sac seal to avoid leakage.

● Option

Stainless steel material;

Air-clean device;

Liquid spraying nozzle and pipes.